Transaction details and history

In different blockchain networks, each transaction includes various parameters, such as the transaction amount, sending and receiving addresses, and transaction fees. These parameters help users better understand the content of the transactions. Users can view transaction details and history in the OneKey App to understand the on-chain behavior of their wallet addresses, thereby better managing the asset dynamics associated with those addresses. 

Check Transaction Parameters

The transaction parameters vary across different blockchain networks. Here, we use swapping on Uniswap on the Ethereum mainnet as an example.

  • Based on the transaction parameters in Figure 1, we initiated a transaction shown in Figure 2.
  • The transaction displays: DApp details (Uniswap) , transaction fee (Fee), and the content of the transaction.
  • Click on "Contract Interaction" to check the specific content of our interaction with the smart contract.
  • Click on "Send" to check the expected flow of our crypto assets.


View Transaction History

  • On the OneKey App homepage, click "History" to enter the transaction history page.
  • If the data is not up-to-date, you can click the refresh button in the top right corner to get the latest transaction details.
  • Click on any transaction to view the transaction details.



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