What is Dapp?

Dapp and app only differ by one D, D is Decentralized, which means decentralized. app is called application, which means application. Traditional applications rely on centralized servers, where a lot of data is stored, so the app project owner can delete and change it at any time. (Note: Blockchain is just one type of decentralized network)

There is no strict definition of a Dapp yet, but a definition can be used instead by describing the characteristics of a Dapp.

  1. The application must be fully open source, autonomous, and no single entity controls the majority of the application's tokens (Tokens). The application must be able to be upgraded based on market feedback and technical requirements, but the upgrade must be done by consensus of the application's users.
  2. The application's data must be encrypted and stored on a public blockchain.
  3. The application must have a token mechanism (either using already existing tokens or issuing a new built-in token), and miners or maintenance nodes need to be rewarded with tokens.
  4. The generation of tokens must be based on a standard cryptographic algorithm, according to which valuable nodes can obtain a token reward for the application.
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