How to reset your OneKey hardware wallet

If you forget the PIN code of your OneKey hardware wallet device and need to generate new recoevery phrases or import another wallet, you can use the "Reset Device" function to erase the data in the security chip and restore the device to factory settings. Once the device is reset, you will not be able to recover the previous hardware wallet data.

Important Tips

  • Before resetting the device, make sure you have backed up the current hardware wallet's recovery phrases.
  • Keep the recovery phrases properly stored and do not make any digital copies.
  • You can recover the wallet address and crypto assets as long as you have the recovery phrases.

Reset Methods

Method 1 (Applicable if the device PIN code is not lost)

  • Enter the PIN code to unlock your OneKey hardware wallet device.
  • Select "Settings" - "Security".
  • Select "Reset Device".

Method 2 (Applicable if the device PIN code is lost)

  • Enter the wrong PIN code ten times consecutively.
  • Your OneKey hardware wallet device will automatically reset.

Rebinding OneKey App

Once your OneKey hardware wallet is successfully reset, the binding relationship stored in the chip will be automatically erased. Therefore, you need to first unbind the old relationship between the OneKey hardware wallet device and the OneKey App, and then establish a new binding relationship with the OneKey App to use it normally.

Step 1: Unbind the old relationship

  • Open your OneKey App client and enter the password to unlock it.
  • Click on the current wallet avatar.
  • Click on the "⋮" on the right side of the currently connected device and select "Remove Device".
  • After reading the warning prompt, click "Remove".


Step 2: Rebind OneKey App

  • Open OneKey App and enter the password to unlock it.
  • Click on the current wallet avatar.
  • Click "+", and select "Connect Hardware Wallet".
  • Follow the instructions to complete the pairing.


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