Supported Coins & Tokens

The OneKey hardware wallets support thousands of crypto assets on more than 60 blockchains, both natively in OneKey App and through third-party tools. Assets are cryptocurrencies and tokens secured by your OneKey hardware wallets. On the OneKey App dashboard, the assets overview under your account portfolio displays a list of coins and balances for any cryptocurrency enabled within the OneKey App that are secured by your OneKey hardware device.

What assets can I store on my OneKey?

The following information will guide you on how to identify the assets directly supported by the OneKey App. For coins and tokens that aren't supported natively, they are securely protected by OneKey hardware wallets, but must be managed through a third-party wallet such as MetaMask, OKX Web3 Wallet, etc.

Natively supported coins and tokens

Non-natively supported coins and tokens (using third-party wallets)

Certain cryptocurrencies are built on unique technological frameworks that are not directly compatible with the OneKey App. However, various third-party wallets have incorporated support for OneKey, allowing you to sign transactions securely. These wallets are developed and maintained by entities other than the OneKey team. 

Using a third-party App wallet with your OneKey hardware wallet provides the same level of protection for your private keys as when using the OneKey App wallet.

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