View and Customize asset panel in OneKey App

Overview of the Asset Panel

The asset panel reflects the types and values of your crypto assets under the current wallet account, helping you better control and manage your asset portfolio. This article will demonstrate how to explore and configure your asset panel using the OneKey App desktop client.

Explore the Asset Panel

View Assets

  • You can switch the chain and account in area ➊ to navigate through the assets of different accounts.
  • Under the selected account, you can toggle the asset types in area ➋. By default, it displays the tokens held in the wallet and the assets in DeFi protocols.


Customize the Asset Panel

In area ➌, you can manipulate the display of asset data to enhance our reading efficiency, which includes:

  • Refresh
    • Click the refresh icon to update the current page with the latest data.
  • Add
    • Select which assets to display.
  • Settings
    • Hide Small Balance: Hide low-value assets.
    • Stick the Native Token: Pin the native assets of the current chain to the top.
    • Hide Risky Tokens: Hide potential spam risk assets.

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