How to claim your crowdfunded OneKey Pro

This guide will take you through the process of claiming your OneKey Pro device that was crowdfunded step by step. Please keep in mind that only individuals who participated in the OneKey NFT crowdfunding activity in 2021 will be eligible to claim the OneKey Pro device at no cost.


Step1: Visit the OneKey NFT Crowdfunding Website
Step2: Connect and Sign in with Your Registered Address
  • Click the "Connect to wallet" button.
  • Connect using the address that you previously registered for the OneKey NFT crowdfunding activity in 2021.
  • Switch to the "BSC" (also known as BNB Chain) Network and sign in.
Step3: Select OneKey Pro and Get Your Redemption Code
  • Navigate to the "Mine" section on the left-hand side.
  • Choose OneKey Pro and click "Receive".
  • Confirm your wallet signature to receive your redemption code.
Step4: Place a New Order of OneKey Pro
  • Access the Youzan store using your mobile web browser:
  • Select OneKey Pro and place a new order without finalizing the payment.
Step5: Submit Redemption Code to Customer Service
  • Contact the Youzan customer service.
  • Provide your redemption code and request the redemption of your OneKey Pro device.
Step6: Complete your OneKey Pro Order
  • The Youzan customer service will validate and confirm your redemption code.
  • Upon successful verification of the redemption code, you will be promoted to pay 0.01 RMB to complete the order. (Note: The order price must be greater than zero due to platform order requirements.)



If you have any queries or need assitance with redeeming your OneKey Pro device, please contact OneKey Customer Service. We are here to assist you to the best of our ability.

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