Get started: OneKey Classic OKX Limited Edition


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Quick start

First, press the power button to turn on the OneKey hardware wallet, and follow the prompts to set the system language.


Press any key to enter the interface. Select [Create] to create a new wallet, follow the on-screen prompts to start creating a new wallet, click [Continue] and select the number of the recovery phrase, here we take 12 digits as an example.


Follow the prompts and copy down the mnemonic words. The seed phrases are the only way for you to recover your wallet. Please keep them properly and do not record them on any electronic device, nor disseminate or record it on any network channel to ensure asset safety. After the copy is completed, follow the prompts to complete the mnemonic check.


Next, you need to set a PIN code yourself, which is similar to the withdrawal code of a bank card. Numbers 1-9, no 0. Note that if you only set 6 digits, you can select √ in the 7th digit.
Important: When you enter the PIN code, you must remember the PIN code. You need to enter the PIN code to unlock the hardware wallet. Entering the PIN code incorrectly 10 times will cause the hardware wallet to reset.
After that, it shows that the wallet is created successfully, and it can be used by connecting the OneKey desktop, OneKey browser extension or OneKey App.


The recovery phrase is the only way for you to recover your wallet. Please keep it properly. Don't record it on any electronic device, and don't spread or record it on any network channel to ensure the safety of your assets.

Check the recovery phrase

After activation, we need to check the recovery phrase to ensure that your recovery phrase is transcribed correctly and can be used to recovery your address. The steps are mainly as follows:

  1. Check the address. Connect the activated Classic to the Desktop, view and record the first address generated by default.
  2. Reset the device and import the recovery phrase. Reset the Classic to erase the data and Classic will return to its inactive state, then you will be able to restore your wallet by importing the recovery phrase you just scribbled down.
  3. Check and verify the address. After successful recovery, connect the Classic to the Desktop and check if the first address generated by default is the same as the one in step 1.

To do this, follow these steps:

Open the official OneKey website , select the corresponding version of the computer operating system to download, and follow the instructions to install. (Here is an example of Win 10)


Use a data cable to connect the activated hardware wallet to the computer, select [Create Wallet] - [Hardware Wallet] on the desktop, enter the PIN code on the Classic and finish the connection.
Note: Some users using MAC computers need to use a USB converter port for connection.






If Desktop stays in the following state, please check the connection of your hardware wallet to your computer. You can try unplugging the device or replacing the cable/USB port. Sometimes the cable may show that it is powered, but the transmission voltage is unstable and the device is still not recognized.

You can also open the Bridge status page:  to see if this page is displayed properly, if it does not open, download and install Bridge at




After connecting to Desktop, the first account address will be displayed by default. Click [Receive] to record the recipient address.




Then, we will check the address. Keep the mnemonic phrase you wrote down when you just activated it. Then, press any key on the hardware wallet to enter the option interface, select Security, and then select Reset to reset the device. After the reset is complete, enter the boot interface, set the system language and enter the inactive state.


Press any key to enter the interface, select Restore to restore the wallet, enter the mnemonic that you wrote down before, and check it. After completion, you need to reset the PIN code of the hardware wallet. After the setting is completed, the wallet is restored successfully.



At this time, open the Desktop. select [Menu] - [Reset App] to erase the previous record.




Then come back to the welcome page and repeat the previous steps. Select [Create Wallet] - [Hardware Wallet], enter the PIN code on the Classic and connect to finish, continue to select [Receive] - View Receiving Address.





Check if the address at this point is the same as the one recorded before, and if the address is the same, the verification is complete and the recovery phrase matches the address.

Here you have completed the setup of your hardware wallet.

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