Blind Sign Description and Usage Tutorial

Very important! ! ! Before making a large deposit, be sure to use a small amount to test the coin for the first time.

Only when the recharge and withdrawal can be completed can a large amount of recharge be used.

The mnemonic phrase is the only way for you to recover your wallet, so please keep it properly.

Do not record on any electronic equipment, nor disseminate or record on any network channels to ensure asset safety.

Never Blind Sign on DApps that are not 100% trusted

In view of the inherent risks, it is recommended that you use multiple accounts to interact with Dapp. And use an account with only a small portion of your assets to perform Blind Sign, and never put all your assets at risk.

First of all, before explaining what is 【Blind sign】, let’s understand how hardware wallets usually work.

In normal use, the hardware wallet will hash the metadata of each transaction so that the user can see the parsed content on the hardware wallet.

However, due to various limitations and compatibility issues with the transaction information returned by some DApps, hardware wallets cannot perform hash analysis on all transactions.

Therefore, if you want to sign some DApps, you can turn on Blind Signing. This function allows you to sign content that cannot be resolved by the hardware wallet, but therefore you cannot verify the content you are signing.

Blind signature means that the hardware wallet signs the transaction, but does not support the analysis of transaction metadata.

Currently known DApps that need to be blindly signed: Opensea, 1inch, Dydx, Snapshot, Sol chain DApps etc.

Blind sign opening steps:

1. Blind signature needs to be used with the OneKey browser extension. Please switch to the OneKey browser extension first to connect to the hardware wallet (Browser extension download address browser extension tutorial ) . The Metamask extension does not support blind signing, so even if the hardware wallet enables blind signing, the Metamask extension still cannot pass the signature.

2. Enter the hardware wallet


3. Select [Security]


4. Select [Blind Sign] in [Security]. If there is no blind sign option in your [Security], you need to upgrade the firmware. (OneKey official firmware upgrade URL , OneKey hardware wallet firmware upgrade tutorial)


5. Click NEXT


6. Click NEXT


7. Opensea, 1inch, Dydx, Snapshot etc. require ETH Advanced Signature to be enabled; SOL Advanced Signature is for Sol Chain DApps.


8. Press OK to complete【On】


9. Enter the PIN 


10. Finish



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