OneKey NFT Crowdfunding Security

Is it safe to participate in OneKey NFT crowdfunding?

We do our best to protect your money by:

1) We offer the option of a limited approvement, so you can approve only as much as you need, rather than being forced to approve unlimited amounts like other DApps (which is bad).

2) Our contracts are audited internally and by external third parties.

3) After the crowdfunding campaign ends, the NFT contracts are locked and the management rights are delivered to a black hole address, so that no one's able to touch it.

4) The contract management address is multi-signed and the corresponding management rights are transferred to Timelock, please follow OneKey official social account for details.

5) Finally, we provide a one-click revoke feature prominently displayed on the crowdfunding page, so you can revoke the authorization at any time.

the option of a limited approvement

After clicking 【BACK IT】, please select the scope of your authorization, you can authorize only the necessary amount.


Third Party Audit

Audit Report


One-click revocation of authorization (gif)


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