Solutions for repeated prompts to install OneKey Bridge

OneKey Bridge is an application that enhances the information transfer between the OneKey hardware wallet and the web browser, improving stability during use. This article will guide you to solve the problem of being prompted with notifications of installing OneKey Bridge consecutively.

Test OneKey Bridge Status

  • Navigate to
  • Connect your OneKey hardware wallet device to your computer via a USB cable.
  • Click "Refresh Page." If you can see the bridge version and device connection information, it indicates that your OneKey Bridge is functioning correctly.
    • If you cannot access the website (i.e., you do not see the version number and connection details), it means that your OneKey Bridge is not operational. In this case, please re-download and install the OneKey Bridge or refer to the troubleshooting solutions provided below.


Troubleshooting Solutions

Please first perform a status test on OneKey Bridge. If OneKey Bridge is functioning normally, there is no need to proceed with the following steps. If OneKey Bridge is experiencing issues, you can refer to the methods below for troubleshooting.

macOS Windows
  • Navigate to the following path:
    • "Finder" - "Applications" - "Utilities" - "OneKey Bridge"
  • Manually start "onekeyd".


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