Identifying whether the hardware wallet bluetooth is turned on

1. The Bluetooth status can be determined by looking at the icon on the hardware wallet LCD if the BLE version is more than or equal to 1.1.6.

(1) ______icon.png Bluetooth is set to "broadcast" mode. The phone may now scan for and connect to the Bluetooth device.

(2) _____icon.png Bluetooth isn't transmitting any data. By scanning, the phone is unable to locate the Bluetooth device at this time.

(3) ______icon2.png Bluetooth has been established. Because the phone and the hardware are connected by Bluetooth, you have three options for disconnecting: ①Turn off the hardware device;②Disable Bluetooth in the phone's settings;③Disable Bluetooth on the phone.

2.When the Bluetooth version is less than or equal to 1.1.5, the Bluetooth broadcast feature is always activated by default, and the phone can be connected at any time. When the app is connected to the hardware wallet, the ______icon.png logo appears on the hardware's LCD screen and vanishes when the app is disconnected, equating to _____icon.png

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