Passphrases and hidden wallets

The passphrase is an advanced security feature available on OneKey hardware wallets. It allows you to add an extra word of your choosing to your existing recovery phrase, unlocking a new set of accounts. This article will guide you through the process of creating hidden wallets by enabling the passphrase feature.

What is Passphrase

The passphrase feature is an advanced security measure designed to enhance the protection of your digital assets. Unlike the standard recovery phrase, which is typically a set of 12 to 24 words used to restore access to your wallet, the passphrase acts as an additional layer of security.

Essentially, it is a user-defined string of characters that, when combined with the recovery phrase, creates a unique wallet. This means that even if someone gains access to your recovery phrase, they would still need the passphrase to access your funds. The passphrase can be anything you choose, such as a word, a sentence, or a combination of characters, making it highly customizable and difficult to guess.

recovery phrase + passphrase = hidden wallet

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Enabling the Passphrase Feature

Below gives you an introduction on how to enable the passphrase feature on your OneKey wallet step by step.

Before enabling this feature, ensure you understand how it works. Losing a passphrase means losing access to any funds stored in the hidden wallet.

Step 1: Enable Passphrase on your OneKey hardware wallet device
  • Navigate to "Passphrase" in your OneKey hardware wallet device.
    • Mini: Settings - Security - Passphrase
    • Classic: Settings - Security - Passphrase
    • Touch: Settings - Wallet - Passphrase
    • Pro: Settings - Wallet - Passphrase
  • Turn on the "Passphrase" setting (switch from "off" to "on").
Step 2: Connect your OneKey hardware wallet to OneKey App
  • Connect your OneKey hardware wallet to your computer via a USB cable.
  • Open the OneKey App.
  • Choose "Connect Hardware Wallet."


Step 3: Setup passphrases to create hidden wallets
  • Click on your device name and you will be prompted to enter the passphrase.


  • Enter your desired passphrase and click "Confirm" to proceed.
  • Confirm the passphrase on your OneKey hardware wallet device to ensure it matches what you entered in the OneKey App.


  • Once the passphrase is confirmed, a hidden wallet will be automatically created in the OneKey App. Remember, you cannot recover or access this wallet without your passphrase.


Passphrase FAQs

Q: If I've lost my OneKey hardware wallet device, can I recover the passphrase-protected wallet?
  • Don't panic. You can use a second OneKey hardware device to recover your existing accounts using the recovery phrase. Enable the passphrase on the new device, and once your recovery phrase is loaded, enter the exact same passphrase you created for the hidden wallet.
Q: What are the benefits of using the passphrase feature?
  • Enhanced Security: A passphrase protects your recovery phrase and is not stored anywhere. If someone compromises your recovery phrase, they cannot access your accounts without also knowing each passphrase.
  • Multiple Wallets: You can create any number of new passphrases and associated wallets. This allows you to redistribute balances for added security, or simply to help you organize your accounts.
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