Open source code verification for firmware installed on OneKey hardware wallet devices

This article provides you with a step-by-step guide to help you authenticate the consistency of the firmware installed on your OneKey hardware wallet device with its corresponding open source code on GitHub.


Step 1: Download and install the latest firmware
  • Visit the official OneKey Firmware Update Website.
  • Connect your OneKey hardware wallet to your computer via the USB cable.
  • Once your hardware wallet device is detected, you will be able to see the wallet information displayed on the website.
  • Select and download the latest version of your hardware wallet firmware.
  • Install the firmware by following the provided instructions on the website and confirming on your OneKey hardware wallet.
Step 2: Obtain Checksum on your OneKey hardware wallet
  • Navigate to "About Device" on your OneKey hardware wallet.
  • Find the detailed firmware information on your OneKey hardware wallet device.
  • You can obtain the last seven digits of the checksum for your device firmware from the firmware information.
    • For example, 4.9.0[fccbac8-5ff2c88]
    • "fccbac8" is the version ID of your device firmware.
    • "5ff2c88" is the last seven digits of the checksum for your device firmware.
Step 3: Calculate Checksum for GitHub source code

github release bin.png

  • Open the Terminal in your operating system (macOS/Linux required).
  • Run the command below to calculate the checksum.
    • tail -c +1024 /path/to/(file path) | shasum -a 256
Step 4: Compare Checksums
  • Compare the last seven digits of the manually calculated checksum from Step 3 with the device checksum obtained in Step 2.
  • If the two values match, it indicates that the installed firmware is consistent with the open-source code on GitHub.

If you wish to verify the consistency of firmware files signed and published on GitHub Release by the OneKey team with the corresponding open-source codes publicly stored on the OneKey GitHub repositories, refer to this article.

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