Connect OneKey Pro to App wallets via Bluetooth

This article will walk you through the process of connecting your OneKey Pro hardware wallet to OneKey App wallet via Bluetooth.


The OneKey Pro provides a simple and secure method to connect to your favorite App wallets using Bluetooth connection. Here's how you can connect your OneKey Pro to the OneKey App wallet.

Step 1: Download OneKey App Mobile Application
  • Download and install the OneKey App mobile application from 🌐
  • Choose "Connect Hardware Wallet" when initiating the wallet setup process.
Step 2: Search for Your OneKey Pro Device via Bluetooth
  • If you have downloaded OneKey App and completed wallet setup before, you can click on the account icon and choose "Connect Hardware Wallet" from the menu.
  • Ensure that the bluetooh of both your OneKey Pro hardware wallet and your phone has been turned on.
  • Keep your OneKey Pro hardware wallet device close to your phone. Choose "Connect Device".
  • When the OneKey App has founded the OneKey Pro device via Bluetooth, you will be able to see the name of your OneKey Pro hardware wallet (For example, Pro E880) on the OneKey App screen.
  • Tap on the device name (Pro E880) to proceed.


Step 3: Pair Your OneKey Pro to OneKey App
  • Enter the pair code shown on your OneKey Pro hardware wallet in the OneKey App to pair your devices.
  • When the pair code gets verified on the OneKey App, choose "Let's go".
  • You can now see that the OneKey Pro hardware wallet has been connected to the OneKey App.


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