Update email address for OneKey Card

This guide outlines the steps to update your current email address linked to your OneKey Card with a new one.


Step 1: Sign in with Your New Email Address
  • Currently, we only support Google mail addresses for this update.
  • Click "Sign in with Google" to login in and get registered.


Step 2: Submit a Request at OneKey Customer Support

Submit a request at OneKey Customer Support by following the rules below:

  • Please choose your issue below: Choose "OneKey Card".
  • Your email address: Input the new email address you wish to switch to.
  • Email account of OneKey Card: Provide the email currently associated with your OneKey Card.
  • Please select the issue you are experiencing with your OneKey Card:
    • "I'd like to change my email address."
  • Subject: Please enter "Change OneKey Card Registered Email Address"
  • Description: Specify the new email address you're requesting.
  • Attachments: (Important) 
    • Upload clear photos of both the front and back of your ID used for KYC.
    • Record and attach a video of yourself holding your ID, stating: 
      • "Hi OneKey Customer Service, my name is ***. My ID number is ************. I'm requesting assistance to update the email linked to my account."

Important Notes

  • Ensure the ID documents uploaded are yours and clearly visible for verification.
  • The review and processing period post-submission is typically 3 to 5 days.
  • Upon successful update, a confirmation will be sent to the newly submitted email address.
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