How to back up your data in OneKey App

At OneKey, we prioritize your security while making it convenient for you to migrate data between devices. For iOS users, we offer a backup option via iCloud, and for Android users, we provide a backup solution through Google. This guide will walk you through the process of backing up your data in iOS as the backup procedures for both platforms are quite similar.

Backup Process

  • In the OneKey App, navigate to the bottom menu bar and select the "Menu" option. Then, find "Backup" under the security module.
  • By default, the backup feature is turned off. You will need to manually enable it.
    • The backup service utilizes Apple's iCloud service. It's important to note that both Apple and OneKey are unable to access your backup data, which is securely linked to your current Apple ID.
  • To start the backup, select "Back Up to iCloud". After a brief moment, your backup, including wallet data and watchlists, will be complete.
  • By selecting "", you'll be presented with detailed explanations about the backup feature. You also have the option to disable backups, which will automatically erase the existing backup.


Backup Management

  • The backup management section allows for the review and administration of your backup data.
  • Accessing the "Previous Backups" section will display a list of backups associated with your Apple ID.
  • Selecting a specific backup allows you to view the backup date, the content of the backup data, and have the option to either import or delete it.


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