Manage transaction fees & Speed up transactions

OneKey App allows you to adjust the size of the fee to send with a transaction: Low, Normal, or High. It is also possible to set a custom fee to save on costs or speed up transactions.

Adjusting Transaction Fees

Let's take the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks as examples to demonstrate how to adjust transaction costs in the OneKey App.

Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH)
  • On the Transaction Confirm page, you can preview the transaction information and click on "Fee".
  • The OneKey App has preset three fee models based on the real-time network fees , corresponding to different expected transaction speeds. (You can choose as needed or adjust it yourself.)
  • Enter the Custom page to input the fee you wish to spend.
  • You can also choose whether to set it as the default fee for subsequent usage.
  • Real-time on-chain transaction fees can be referred to 🔗 memepool.


Accelerating Transactions

If the fee set when submitting the transaction is too low, or if the network fees suddenly surge after submission, it will cause your transaction to take longer to be confirmed. If you want to complete the transaction as soon as possible, you need to manually accelerate the transaction.

Taking an Ethereum transaction as an example, the same applies to other networks.

  • On the wallet homepage, click "History" to enter the transaction history page.
  • Transactions that are now in a pending confirmation state can be viewd.
  • Click "Speed Up" to enter the "Custom" page.

  • You can manually enter the value you wish to submit, or scroll down to select the options suggested by the OneKey App.

  • Confirm the submission, and wait a moment for completion. If it is still not successful, try again by increasing the transaction fee.


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