Manage RPCs in OneKey App (Switch & Customize)

RPC is a tool that helps us effectively get transactions onto the blockchain, with a stable RPC enhancing efficiency and ensuring transaction security. The OneKey App includes some public RPCs for everyone to choose from. This tutorial will guide you on how to switch RPCs and add custom RPCs.

Switching RPCs

    • Click on the network icon on the wallet page.
    • Under the network we have selected, it will display our current RPC connection quality, as shown in figure 2.
    • Click to enter the RPC switching page, where the list shows the current block height (Height) and response speed of each RPC.
      • Block Height: Generally, the higher the height, the more stable the node and the more timely its synchronization.
      • Node Speed: The response speed tested based on your current network situation.

When choosing a node, we prioritize the one with the highest block height, and then choose the fastest responding one from those to get the best transaction experience.


Custom RPC

If you have experience using custom RPCs, you can also configure them in the OneKey App.

  • On the RPC switching page, select "Add Node".
  • Enter the RPC link provided by your node service provider and click "Confirm".
  • RPC configuration is complete.


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