Manage networks in OneKey App (Add, Edit, & Customize)

The OneKey App supports a variety of networks, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Ethereum, and Solana. You can easily switch networks within the OneKey App for multi-chain interactions.

Network Switching and Ordering

  • Click the network icon to enter the network management page.
  • All networks supported by the OneKey App are displayed and it also supports Search.
  • Click the sorting icon in the top right corner to enter the network sorting page.
  • You can adjust the order of the networks by dragging the icon on the right side, according to your personal usage habits.


Network Toggle and Custom Networks

Network Toggle

  • In the network management page, click the "+" icon in the top right corner to enter the custom network page.
  • On the custom network page, you can turn off the display of some networks to streamline the network list according to your personal habits.


Custom Networks

  • For EVM networks, the OneKey App supports custom additions.
  • On the custom network page, click the "Add EVM Chain" button at the bottom to enter the custom network configuration page.
  • There are two ways to add: Quick Add and Manual Add.
    • Quick Add: Directly select from the alternative networks collected by OneKey for quick addition, including testnets, as shown in figure 2.
    • Manual Add: Customize by entering the following parameters:
      • Network Name (Chain Name), RPC URL, Network ID (Chain ID), Symbol, and Block Explorer Link.
      • If you're not familiar with the configuration of a specific network, you can find it on services like 🔗Chainlist. An example configuration for the DYM network is as follows:

DYM Network Configuration

  • Network Name: Dymension
  • CHAIN ID: 1100
  • RPC:


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