Manage multichain accounts in OneKey App

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create and manage multi-chain accounts for a single wallet in OneKey App. If you want to learn how to import multi-chain accounts, you can find it in the article "Import and Remove wallet in OneKey App".

Create Multi-Chain Accounts

For wallets imported through recovery phrases, you can easily generate accounts for any network supported by the OneKey App. The process is as follows:

  • Click the network icon in the top right corner.
  • Select the network you want to use.
  • If an address has not been created for this network before, Click "Create Account".


Managing Multiple Account Addresses on a Specific Chain

Adding New Accounts:

  • Click on the account name to enter the account management page.
  • Click the "+" sign, select "Add Account", and you can generate a new account address according to the original derivation path.


Single Account Management

For a single account, click to select more, and you can check the options of account management.

  • Copy Address
  • Rename (Rename your account to better recognize the purpose of the account.)
  • View Details (You can safely export the private key in the details.)
  • Remove Account


Batch Account Management

  • On the account list management page, you can see the current account's derivation path and candidate addresses.
  • By checking the candidate addresses, you can quickly add new addresses.
  • To meet the needs of different users, in some networks, the OneKey App also supports switching the derivation path.
  • You can also turn on the derivation path in the settings, as shown in figure 4.


Bulk Export Addresses

  • Select "Bulk Copy Address".
  • Choose the copy method: Directly copy for existing accounts in the wallet / Export copy by selecting a specific number based on the wallet's derivation path.
  • After exporting the list, you can choose to copy or export the file.




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