Import and Remove wallets in OneKey App

Wallet Classification

In the OneKey App, wallets are generally divided into two categories: App wallets and hardware wallets. Software wallets are further divided into multi-chain wallets and single-chain wallets.


App Wallets

  • Multi-chain Wallet: Generated through a mnemonic phrase, allowing the creation and derivation of account addresses on different networks.
  • Single-chain Wallet: Generated by importing a private key, usually corresponding to a single chain.

Hardware Wallets

  • Generated by connecting to a OneKey hardware wallet device.

Import App Wallets

  • Open the OneKey App and click on the wallet avatar in the top left corner to enter the wallet list page.
  • Click the "+" sign to invoke options for adding a wallet, including Create Wallet, Import Wallet, and Connet 3rd-party Wallet.


The Import Process for Each Method:

Create Wallet
  • Choose "Create Wallet", which will lead to the page of generating a new recovery phrase.
  • Read and confirm the precautions for generating the recovery phrase.
  • Click "Show Recovery Phrase". Procced to save the phrase.
  • Save the reovery phrase and click the button below to complete.


Import Wallet
Recovery Phrase Import: Choose to import from your saved mnemonic phrase, supporting various lengths from 12 to 24 words. acc4-1png.png Import Private Key
  • Select the network correspondingly.
  • Enter the private key, click "Confirm", and the import process is complete.
  • The wallet will then be saved in the single-chain wallet list in the wallet list.acc4-2.png

Migration can help you import wallets from other OneKey App devices without the need to export and re-import.

  • Ensure both OneKey Apps are on the same network.
  • Open the other OneKey App, and enter the Migration page, which will provide a URL for migration.
  • Copy and paste the URL into the current OneKey App.
acc4-3.png KeyTag
  • If you have backed up your recovery phrase with OneKey KeyTag, select the KeyTag Option and fill in the fields as illustrated.
Watch-only Accounts
  • In the OneKey App, you can also choose to import a single watch-only wallet to observe its assets and activities. This feature allows users to monitor the wallet without having the ability to make transactions, providing a secure way to keep an eye on investments or wallet activities.
Connet 3rd-party Wallet
  • Select the option to connect a third-party wallet. This will display a QR code provided by the Wallet Connect service.
  • Scan the QR code with another software wallet to complete the connection. Once connected, the wallet will be imported and displayed separately in "External Accounts" category within the OneKey App.

Import Hardware Wallets

  • Connect your OneKey hardware wallets to the OneKey App via the cable or bluetooth.
  • Once the device is detected, confirm the device name is correct and click to connect.
  • The connection will require entering a PIN code on the device for confirmation.
  • After confirming the PIN code, follow the instructions and wait a moment to complete the setup.


Remove Wallets

  • For Multi-chain Accounts: In the wallet list, select "More" and then "Remove Wallet" as shown below in the left part of the picture.
  • For Single-chain/External Accounts: Click on the account name in the top right corner and select "Remove Account" as shown in the middle part of the picture.
  • For Hardware Wallets: In the wallet list, select "Remove Device" as shown in the right part of the picture.


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