Status "delivered" but not received

If you find yourself in a situation where your parcel shows as delivered but you have not received it, there are steps you can take to track it down.


Step 1: Check nearby

Consider checking with your neighbors, building reception, or family members to see if the package was inadvertently received by them. Sometimes, deliveries can end up with someone nearby by mistake.

Step 2: Reach out to the local delivery company
It is advisable to reach out to the delivery company directly. They have access to internal systems that can pinpoint the exact location where the package was left or provide valuable insights into its whereabouts. By contacting the delivery company, you may get the necessary information to locate your missing parcel.
Step 3: Contact OneKey Customer Support
If your package still cannot be found, don't hesitate to contact OneKey Customer Support for further assistance. Our team is dedicated to helping resolve such issues and will guide you through the next steps. Additionally, remember to share any documentation of your communication with the delivery company to aid in resolving the situation promptly and efficiently.


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