Where is my parcel?

If your order has not been shipped within 3 days after a successful payment, it may be due to incomplete shipping information provided by you or the team not receiving your confirmation email. In such a scenario, our customer support team will contact you via email at care.onekey.so to request the necessary information. Once all details are provided, your order will proceed to the shipping stage.

Logistics Status

International logistics can experience delays of several weeks due to customs inspections. The logistics status will only update once the shipment is cleared by customs. Please be aware that packages might be opened for inspection during the customs clearance process.

We recommend contacting the OneKey Customer Support if there is no update on the tracking of your order for 20 consecutive days. In such cases, our team will assume the package is lost and will proceed with reissuing the product or processing a refund based on your preference.

If you require futher assistance, please reach out to the OneKey Customer Support.

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