Judicial Assistance Policy


Judicial assistance, as outlined in this policy, denotes the support rendered by OneKey, which, in accordance with applicable international treaties, laws, and regulations, provides aid to judicial authorities across different countries in their investigation of criminal cases. This support includes, but is not limited to, the provision of relevant case information, the freezing of implicated assets, and assistance in enforcing valid judicial decrees.


OneKey, as the entity providing judicial assistance, is a crypto asset management wallet operated by ONEKEY LIMITED and is registered in the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Hong Kong.


ONEKEY LIMITED is governed by the laws of Hong Kong and is not subject to the legislation of other nations and regions. Its responsibilities include aiding the judicial authorities in Hong Kong with criminal investigations. Wallet information is collected, used, stored, and disposed of in compliance with the laws pertinent to Hong Kong.

Should judicial authorities from regions outside Hong Kong require judicial assistance from OneKey, they must file a formal request in accordance with the laws and regulations of Hong Kong. OneKey will then provide the requested support based on the content of the viable application.

In cases of force majeure, such as natural disasters, societal disturbances, significant health incidents, local conflicts, or when judicial authorities are unable to timely access OneKey’s judicial assistance through Hong Kong channels, requests for assistance can be emailed to hi@onekey.so. After verifying the legitimacy of the documents with the concerned country’s law enforcement supervisory departments, OneKey will determine if assistance shall be provided, abiding by Hong Kong laws.

Offering aid to foreign judicial authorities does not imply OneKey’s acknowledgment of the jurisdiction of those countries’ laws over OneKey.


Issues addressed by OneKey’s judicial assistance must qualify as criminal cases under Hong Kong’s laws and allow for such assistance.

The requesting body must possess a legal mandate from its country, clearly stating the assistance needed, which may include:

• The name of the law enforcement agency

• Authorization credentials for accessing information, along with proof of official law enforcement status

• Identity proofs for judicial officials (e.g., ID number, internal ID)

• An email address reflective of judicial authority

• Contact details of judicial entities, encapsulating email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

• Explicit reference to “ONEKEY LIMITED” as the subject of assistance

• Detailed requisition specifications, including the judiciary’s identification symbols and numbers in the document format and verification procedures like callbacks, online checks, etc.

When international judicial assistance protocols are met, relevant documents as per mutual legal aid treaties should be provided.

Upon document compliance as mentioned, OneKey may assist with:

1. Inquiries into device and asset information related to OneKey-operated crypto wallets, including device specifics, wallet addresses, asset details, etc., with up to 5 user details accessible in a 30-day scope, responded to within 1 business day. Larger requests may incur a 3-5 business day response time, with the system’s maximum inquiry period capped at 12 months.

2. Given the decentralized nature of OneKey’s crypto asset wallet, it cannot impose limits on users’ assets, transfers, or other sensitive operations.


Information furnished by OneKey is sourced from electronic databases and solely encompasses data stored within the OneKey database, which may not be exhaustive regarding the individual’s holdings.

Due to varying time zones and exchange rates, OneKey cannot guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of the information provided and acknowledges that there might be differing opinions on the shared data.

OneKey is not liable for data retrieval issues or inaccuracies caused by internet or computer system service providers, as these do not stem from any willful intent.

While OneKey is committed to aiding judicial authorities globally, there is no assurance that provided information will concur with each country’s criminal evidence standards for use in convictions or sentencing.

OneKey retains the right to deny information disclosure for requests falling short of judicial assistance conditions, to protect its interests and clientele.

Other Provisions

Matters not addressed by this policy should conform to Hong Kong’s relevant laws and regulations. Should there be a clash with Hong Kong’s pertinent laws, the latter will take precedence. Updates and adjustments to this policy will align with legal amendments in Hong Kong.

Commissioning Format

• The original notice of verification must specify the time frame, adorned with the official seal.

• A written decision stating no case-filing from the judicial side.

• Copies of the police IDs, bearing official seals and within the validity period.

• Official communications should be headlined: ONEKEY LIMITED, inclusive of contact information of the case officer or judicial entity, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

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