Swap and Bridge crypto assets in OneKey App

OneKey collaborates with other leading Web3 teams to integrate swap and bridge functionalities into the OneKey App, enhancing user access to optimal pricing and routing for swapping tokens and bridging assets between blockchains.

Accessing Swap and Bridge Features

Navigate effortlessly to the "Swap" feature from the asset panel or the "Trade" option in the navigation bar to access the swapping interface. When viewing specific assets, selecting "Swap" will take you directly to the exchange interface for that asset.


Market Order Swaps and Bridges

After entering the swap and bridge interface, configure your transaction as needed:

  • Switch between different wallets for swaps or bridges in area ➊.
  • Change between different chains or assets for swaps or bridges in area ➋.
  • Toggle between the source and target crypo asset in area ➌.
  • Adjust the swap amount using the slider in area ➍.
  • Scrolling down, you can expand parameters to preview and adjust upcoming swap parameters, like network fees, routing, slippage, etc.


  • To view your swap history, click on the top right corner after completing a swap.
  • Expanding a swap record reveals more details.


Limit Order Swaps

Limit orders allow you to execute swaps at your target price. Currently, limit order swaps are supported on Ethereum mainnet, BSC, and Polygon. For future updates, please follow OneKey App updates and announcements. Here is an example of setting a limit order:

If the USDC/USDT rate is 1.01, but you aim to swap USDC for USDT at 0.99, set your target price to 0.99 in the limit order section. Your swap will automatically execute when the price hits 0.99.

How to set a limit order

  • Specify the amount of the source crypto asset for the swap.
  • Set your target price in area ➊, and the quantity of the target crypto asset will be dynamically updated.
  • In area ➋, define the validity period of your limit order, ranging from 10 minutes to 30 days.
  • Press "Place Order" to continue.
  • The ongoing orders will be displayed at the bottom, where you can monitor progression and have the option to cancel orders if necessary.



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