Send and Receive crypto assets in OneKey App

This article will walk you through the process of sending and receiving crypto assets in the OneKey App. Demonstrated with the OneKey App desktop client, these instructions are also applicable to other OneKey App clients.

Send Crypto Assets

  • On the asset panel, select Send.
  • Choose the type of asset you want to send: Tokens or NFTs. (Here we choose Tokens to demostrate.)
  • Enter the recipient's address. OneKey will perform a preliminary check on the address, considering format, security, etc. You can input the address in the following ways: (select one of them)
    • Manually copy and paste.
    • Select from the contact list.
    • Scan the QR code provided by the recipient.
  • Check and confirm that your input recipient's address is correct. Press Next.
  • Enter the amount of tokens that you want to send. Press Next.
  • Verfiy the transaction details. You can preview transaction fees and ensure the accuracy of the sender's and recipient's addresses. Press Confirm.
  • Once confirmed, wait for the transaction to complete.


Receive Crypto Assets

  • Open the asset panel and select Receive.
  • A receiving QR code and address will be displayed.
  • Share this information with the sender and await the transfer.



Before receiving assets, ensure that you have switched to the correct receiving network..

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