How to use the OneKey Lite?

OneKey Lite is a backup kit that conveniently stores users' wallet recovery phrases in hardware. This article will walk you through the whole process of backing up and restoring your crypto wallet with the OneKey Lite card. Please note: 

  • A OneKey Lite card can only back up one set of recovery phrases.
  • OneKey Lite currently only supports communication with the OneKey App (software wallet) and the OneKey Pro hardware wallet.

What you'll need

  • OneKey Lite card
  • OneKey mobile application downloaded and installed

Secure your wallet with OneKey Lite

Backup Wallet to OneKey Lite

  • Open the OneKey mobile application.
  • Click on the wallet icon in the top-left corner and select Backup.
  • Choose OneKey Lite Backup.
  • Enter your preferred PIN code for the OneKey Lite card.
  • Keep the OneKey Lite card against your phone.
  • Wait until Backup Completed is displayed.

lite - backup.png

Import Wallet from OneKey Lite

  • Select Import Wallet.
  • Choose With OneKey Lite.
  • Enter the OneKey Lite PIN code to continue.
  • Keep the OneKey Lite card against your phone.
  • Your wallet is imported until Recovery Completed is displayed.




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