What is OneKey Lite?

Storing wallet recovery phrases securely has always been a tricky issue, especially when it comes to using encryption chips with the same level of security as hardware wallets. Fortunately, we've introduced the OneKey Lite, a wallet backup kit designed to store users' wallet recovery phrases in hardware.

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What is it Used For?

OneKey Lite is a backup kit that conveniently stores users' wallet recovery phrases in hardware. It is as small as a credit card, equipped with a CC EAL6+ secure chip, and utilizes NFC (Near Field Communication) for data transmission. It features military-grade encryption throughout the process, enabling instant wallet backup and recovery.

Unboxing your OneKey Lite

Please double-check your package for any signs of damage before proceeding. Confirm the integrity of the holographic seal on your OneKey KeyTag, ensuring it matches the image provided below. Should you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact OneKey Customer Support for assistance.


OneKey Lite packaging contents:


Features of OneKey Lite

  • Compact Size: Comparable to the size of a credit card, making it easy to carry and store.
  • High Security: Embedded with a CC EAL6+ secure chip, providing the same level of security as hardware wallets for storing recovery phrases.
  • NFC Transmission Support: Utilizes NFC for data transmission, ensuring convenient and fast operation.
  • Military-Grade Encryption: Employs military-grade encryption throughout, ensuring the security of data transmission.
  • Instant Backup and Recovery: Enables instant backup and recovery of wallet apps, offering a seamless user experience.
  • Security Protection Mechanism: Incorporates a security mechanism that automatically erases data after 10 consecutive incorrect attempts, ensuring the safety of user assets.

Best Practice Recommendations:

In case of accidental deletion or reset of the wallet, use OneKey Lite to back up your recovery phrases of wallets. There's no need to worry about security checks causing leakage or loss of recovery phrases. With PIN code protection and encryption chip support, you will have enough time to migrate your crypto assets.

  • Keep a handwritten copy of wallet recovery phrases in a secure location at home.
  • Use OneKey Lite to create a secondary backup and carry it with you.

Security Notes:

  • OneKey Lite currently only supports communication with the OneKey App and the OneKey Pro hardware wallet.
  • OneKey Lite employs wireless NFC communication and is free from any metal components. No need to worry about rusting.
  • OneKey Lite operates without a battery, and its lifespan is typically determined by the internal chip, with an average expectancy of 20 years.
  • 10 times Incorrect entries will reset the OneKey Lite.



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