How to use the OneKey KeyTag?

Safeguarding your recovery seed backup is paramount when it comes to maintaining the self-custody of your crypto assets. Fortunately, we've streamlined the crucial initial setup for cold storage - OneKey KeyTag, making it more accessible than ever. This guide will walk you through the process of securing your recovery seed backup with OneKey KeyTag.


What you'll need

  • OneKey KeyTag
  • Auto Center Punch
  • Completed recovery sheet from your OneKey hardware wallet

Secure your recovery phrase with OneKey Keytag

Step1: Find the word

  • Open the BIP39-Dotmap. (You can also find the BIP39 word list in the KeyTag Get Started booklet.)
  • Find the corresponding dot patterns for your recovery seed phrases (recorded on your completed recovery sheet).

  Note: The black dots indicate where the holes need to be punched on the OneKey KeyTag plate.

Group 2914-1-01.png

Step2: Punch the word

  • Align the center of the square and press the auto center punch tool to punch the hole.


    • Each row in the KeyTag corresponds to an individual word of your recovery phrases.
    • The numeric sequence (e.g., "1, 2, 3, ...11, 12") displayed on the KeyTag indicates the specific order of the recovery phrases.
    • Back up your passphrases in the "*" row when needed.

Group 2912的副本.png


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