How to use Metamask Wallet with OneKey

Introduction to MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask is one of the most popular non-custodial wallets, and by connecting it with the OneKey hardware wallet, you can effectively manage transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and related Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of connecting your OneKey hardware wallet to Metamask and signing a transaction with the connected hardware wallet. Before getting started, ensure that you have installed the latest version of the MetaMask browser extension.


How to use Metamask with OneKey

Connect OneKey Wallet:

  • Open MetaMask in your browser extension and click on the account name.
  • Select Add account or hardware Wallet at the bottom.
  • Select Add hardware wallet.


  • Select TREZOR and click Continue.


  • Choose Allow once for this session.
  • Select Export and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Input the PIN code you have set on your OneKey hardware wallet.


  • Next, you will see a list of accounts from your hardware wallet. Choose the wallet you wish to connect and click Unlock.


  • Congratulations! You have now completed the process.


Sign a transaction with OneKey Wallet:

Next, you will be guided to sign a transaction using the wallet connected to MetaMask.

For example: sign a transaction to swap tokens on UniSwap.

  • Open UniSwap and connect to the wallet you logged into in the previous steps.
  • Swap $ETH for $USDC.
  • Choose Confirm swap.
  • Verify the information and select Confirm.


  • Verify that the transaction information is correct.
  • Select Continue and confirm the transaction by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once these steps are complete, Transaction Signed will be displayed.


  • Congratulations on successfully signing a transaction!
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