Authenticate OneKey Classic

This article will unveil the contents of the OneKey Classic package, providing users with the assurance that their devices are authentic and untampered. By understanding these specifics, users can trust in the integrity of their OneKey Classic purchase.

Purchase from an authorized OneKey reseller 

To ensure the authenticity of your OneKey device, please make your purchase directly from OneKey or through our authorized resellers. Our official sales channels include:

Please note: OneKey devices acquired from non-official vendors may not necessarily be deemed suspicious. Nevertheless, we highly recommend conducting meticulous safety checks to affirm the authenticity of your OneKey. Taking this precautionary step is essential for maintaining the integrity of your OneKey device.


Unboxing your OneKey Classic

Check the box contents

The package contains the following items:

  • OneKey Classic device
  • USB cable (Type-C)
  • Get started envelope:
    • Get started booklet
    • Use and Care leaflets
    • OneKey stickers
  • Recovery sheet card (24 words) x3

Important: Please double-check your package for any signs of damage before proceeding. Confirm the integrity of the holographic seal on your OneKey Classic, ensuring it matches the image provided below. Should you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact OneKey Customer Support for assistance.


seal-on-classic.pngOneKey Classic packaging contents:whats-inbox-classic.png

Check the recovery sheet came blank

A recovery sheet card is a booklet designed for recording the recovery phrases during the backup process of a user's OneKey hardware wallet device. Each OneKey Classic package includes three recovery sheet cards.

Make sure to verify that all recovery sheet cards provided in the OneKey Classic package are blank. OneKey will never provide you with pre-filled recovery sheets or individual recovery words.
Recovery phrases must be generated on your OneKey Classic device screen during the initial setup and accurately written down on a blank recovery sheet card.


Security Tips

  • The recovery seed phrases are the only way to recover your assets.
  • Please never make a digital copy of your recovery sheet card.
  • Safeguard your recovery sheet card against theft, and minimize the risk of fire or water damage.



Blank Recovery Sheet Card

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