Solution for failed firmware upgrade on Touch

When upgrading Touch to firmware version 4.0 or above, if you encounter the error shown in the image below or if the app repeatedly prompts "Update failed," please follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.


Method One:

Close the OneKey App, right-click and choose to open in administrator mode, then proceed with the version upgrade again to confirm if the error still occurs.

If the error persists, please follow the instructions for method two.

Method Two:

  1. Download the Touch resource package and unzip it. Name the unzipped folder "res". The download link is:
  2. To enter Touch storage mode, please refer to the following steps:
  3. Connect Touch to the computer, find and open ONEKEY DATA in the external hard drive, and directly copy the recently created res folder inside (the operating system needs to be set to "show hidden files"). iShot_2024-01-26_10.06.04.png
  4. Please copy and restart the hardware wallet.
  5. Download firmware file:
  6. Access the online installation page: "Select Local File" and choose the downloaded bin file above, then follow the instructions on the page to upgrade the firmware. iShot_2024-01-26_09.58.40.png
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