How to transfer BRC-20 assets from a non-Taproot address type in OneKey

In OneKey App, please use a Taproot address (starting with bc1p) to receive BRC-20 assets. Follow the steps below to add it:

If you transfer BRC-20 assets to a non-Taproot address, you will notice that the send button is grayed out and you are unable to successfully complete the transfer due to the lack of support for non-Taproot addresses in the built-in engraving tool.

Do not worry, you can follow the steps below to successfully transfer your assets.

  1. Visit the "Explore" page in OneKey App.

  1. Click on "brc-20" - "Transfer", fill in Tick (the name of the BRC20 token to be transferred) and Amount (the quantity of tokens to be transferred), and click "Next".

Note: This tutorial uses sats as an example. Please replace it with the name and quantity of the token you want to transfer in real situations.

  1. After verifying that the inscription content is correct, click "Next".

  1. Please fill in your non-Taproot wallet address where you currently hold BRC20, and select the default fee rate.

  1. After confirming, check "I have read and agreed to the risk warning," and click "Submit & Pay invoice." On the pop-up screen, click "Pay with wallet" and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

The time for a transaction to be confirmed is usually 10 minutes.

  1. After successful engraving, return to the "Wallet" page, click on "NFT", select the scripture that was just engraved, and click "Send".

  1. Please fill in the input box to receive BRC20 assets - Taproot type addresses (starting with bc1p) Click "Next". Select the transaction fee and confirm the transaction details in the pop-up window, then click "Confirm" to complete the asset transfer.

  1. You can see the incoming BRC20 assets in the receiving address after the transaction is confirmed.

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