How to Use Nostr Assets in OneKey?

Nostr Assets Introduction

Nostr Assets is an open-source, decentralized protocol developed by Hepha Labs. The protocol integrates Taproot assets and Bitcoin into the Nostr ecosystem, allowing users to engage in various financial activities using Nostr's public and private keys. The security of assets is ensured by the Lightning Network and the Bitcoin blockchain.

Features of Nostr Assets

Accessing Nostr Assets

Friendly Reminder

  • OneKey now supports the Nostr protocol in version 4.17, so make sure your app is upgraded to version 4.17 or above.
  • Currently, only software wallets on the app side support Nostr, while hardware wallets do not yet support it.

1. Open the OneKey app and navigate to "Explore" - "EXPLORE" - "Lightning Network" - "Nostr Assets".

2. Agree to the website's request to access the Nostr public key and read the disclaimer. Click "I Understand".


1. Click "Receive Assets".

2. Enter the amount of sats you want to top up.

3. Click "Create Invoice", read the message, and "Confirm".

Note: The Nostr Asset can receive sat amounts ranging from 10,000 to 10,000,000. Sat is the smallest unit of BTC, where 1 BTC equals 100,000,000 sat.

4. A one-time-use Invoice number will be generated at this point. Copy the Invoice number.

5. Click "Wallet".

6. Click "Send".

7. Paste the copied Invoice number into the input field.

8. Click "Next" and use your wallet to complete the signature.

Note: Payment will consume Lightning Network sats; refer to "How to Use Lightning Network in the OneKey App" for more information on the Lightning Network.

9. Click "Explore", return to the Nostr Assets homepage, refresh the page, and you'll see the topped-up assets.


1. Click on the "Send" button on the right side of SATS to access the transfer page; at this point, you need to fill in the Invoice number for receiving payments.

Note: Currently, Nostr Assets only supports withdrawing SATS to the exchange. The following example will use OKX to generate the Invoice number.

2. Open OKX and click on "Assets".

3. Click on "Deposit" - "Deposit crypto".

4. Choose BTC.

5. Select the deposit network as "BTC-Lightning".

6. Enter the deposit amount and click "Create invoice"; copy the generated Invoice number.

Note: The withdrawal amount supported by Nostr is in the range of 100,000 to 10,000,000 sats. Ensure that the entered deposit amount meets this condition.

7. Paste the Invoice number generated by OKX into the "Invoice" column, click "Send", and complete the withdrawal by signing with your wallet.


Click on "Marketplace" to view the currently available tokens, as well as details of market sell and buy orders.

For buying and selling (using buying TREAT as an example)

1. Click on "Buy" to enter the purchase page.

2. Choose an order that is currently for sale, and click "Buy TREAT".

3. Confirm the order information and click "Approve". Continue by clicking "Buy TREAT" to complete the signing process with your wallet.

For limit orders (using selling TREAT as an example)

1. Click on "Make New Listing".

2. Select "Sell Token".

3. Choose the token you want to sell and set the selling price and quantity.

4. Click "Approve".

5. Continue by clicking "Sell TREAT."

6. Return to the page to view the orders currently for sale.

To cancel a limit order

1. Click on "My Order".

2. Select "Open Orders".

3. Find the corresponding order and click the "Cancel" button on the right.


1. Go back to the homepage, select the token, and click on "Transfer" on the right.

2. Enter the recipient's Nostr public key and the transfer amount, click "Transfer", and complete the signature with your wallet.

Fair Mint

1. Enter the Fair Mint interface. You can see 12 constellation pools, lucky numbers, the number of participants, token lock amounts, and rankings.

2. Choose the corresponding constellation pool to view specific ranking details.


1. Select a constellation pool;

2. Click "Participate";

3. Enter the amount of TREAT and TRICK tokens you are ready to stake;

Note: The minimum quantity is 100;

4. Click "Approve" and complete the signature with your wallet;

5. Continue to click "Lock Assets" and complete the signature with your wallet;

6. After completing the stake, you can check the ranking.

Note: Once the stake is completed, you cannot change the constellation pool. The staked tokens will be returned to your wallet in two batches after participation and the end of the lottery.

Lottery Draw

Click "Lottery Draw" to check the lottery results.


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