How to View Nostr Public Key on OneKey?

Nostr Protocol Introduction

Nostr is an open-source social networking protocol composed of multiple clients and relays. The full name of Nostr is "Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays," aiming to meet the growing demand for privacy protection and decentralization.

In the Nostr protocol, each message sent by a user must be signed with a private key before transmission to ensure the security and authenticity of the message. The primary responsibility of relays is to receive, store, and forward user messages without censoring or modifying the content. Other users can receive these messages by retrieving them from relays and verify their authenticity through clients.

Ways to View the Nostr Public Key

Friendly reminder

  • OneKey supports the Nostr protocol in version 4.17. Please ensure that your app version is upgraded to 4.17 or above.
  • Currently, only the software wallet supports Nostr, and hardware support is not yet available.

1. OneKey official website at, download and install the latest app version; 

2. After successfully creating a wallet, click on the "⋮" icon on the right;

3. Select "Nostr";

4. View the Nostr public key;


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