Solution to the appearance of squares on the screen after Touch upgrade

Fault description

If you encounter the situation where some of the text on the screen appears as squares after upgrading the firmware of your Touch device, please don't worry.

This is due to the partial loss of resource files in the wallet firmware. You can resolve this issue by updating the resource files using an online tool.

Solution One

  1. Open the webpage for online firmware upgrade on the browser.

  2. Connect Touch to the computer using a data cable.

  3. After identifying the wallet, select "click to fix" on the page and read the instructions carefully.


  4. "Click to start updating"

  5. The device screen will display "In progress..." Please wait patiently for the repair to be completed.


Instructions for attention

  1. After unlocking the device and ensuring that it is on the home screen, please click the start button to begin the operation. During the process, please refrain from operating the device.

  2. Please ensure that the USB cable and the current window are normal during the continuous repair of the resource for about 5 minutes.

  3. The failure to repair resources may result in abnormal display of device icons, but it will not affect the status of your assets.

  4. Before performing the operation, it is recommended to exit the OneKey Wallet desktop client and other software to prevent communication conflicts with the device, which may result in a failed update.

  5. Please double confirm on the device before proceeding with the operation. Pay close attention to the on-screen prompts as the device's bottom will display the image processing status during the update process.


If "Update Failed" continues to appear repeatedly after clicking on the repair button, please continue following the steps in Solution 2 below.

Solution Two

  1. Contact OneKey official customer service personnel to download the Touch resource package and decompress it.
  2. Upgrade the Touch firmware to version 4.6.0.
  3. Enter disk mode: The method to enter can be found at:
  4. Connect Touch to the computer and find ONEKEY DATA in the external disk. (Please note: do not select the disk named "NO NAME".)
  5. Change the computer's system settings to display hidden files and locate the hidden folder named "res" in the "ONEKEY DATA" disk.
  6. Drag all files under the resource package folder in the first step into the ONEKEY DATA/res folder, and overwrite (replace all).
  7. After the file replacement is completed, please restart Touch.


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