Fix the issue of OneKey Touch screen characters displaying as blocks

If your OneKey Touch device displays block characters on the screen after a firmware upgrade, as shown below, don't worry. This issue is caused by missing resource files in the wallet firmware. You can easily resolve it by updating the resource files using an online tool.


Solution 1: Using the Online Firmware Update Tool

  1. Open the Online Firmware Update Tool.

  2. Connect OneKey Touch to your computer via a USB cable.
  3. Once the wallet is recognized, select "Click to fix" on the page and read the important notes.


  4. Click "Start Update." The device screen will display "Processing...". Please wait patiently for the repair to complete.
  5. If the "Update Failed" message appears repeatedly after clicking repair, please proceed with Solution 2.

Important Notes

  • Unlock the Device: Ensure the device is unlocked and on the home screen before clicking the start button. Do not operate the device during the process.

  • Connection Stability: The repair process takes about 5 minutes. Ensure the USB cable and the current window remain stable and without issues.

  • Potential Display Issues: A failed resource repair might cause display issues with device icons but will not affect your asset status.

  • Close Conflicting Software: It is recommended to close the OneKey App desktop client and other software to prevent communication conflicts that could cause the update to fail.

  • Device Confirmation: You will need to confirm on the device twice during the process. Pay close attention to the screen prompts. The device's bottom will display the image processing status during the update.

Solution 2: Manual Resource File Update

  1. Reach out to OneKey official customer support to download the OneKey Touch resource package and extract it.
  2. Upgrade the OneKey Touch firmware to the latest version.
  3. Enter the disk mode. (Refer HERE)
  4. Connect OneKey Touch to the computer and find ONEKEY DATA in the external disk. (Please note: do not select the disk named "NO NAME".)
  5. Change the computer's system settings to display hidden files and locate the hidden folder named "res" in the "ONEKEY DATA" disk.
  6. Drag all files under the resource package folder in the first step into the ONEKEY DATA/res folder, replacing all existing files.
  7. After the file replacement is completed, restart the OneKey Touch device.


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