How to enter Bootloader mode on OneKey hardware wallets

This article provides you with the methods to enter the Bootloader mode on different OneKey hardware wallets.

A bootloader is a critical piece of software that runs when your OneKey hardware wallet device is powered on. It is responsible for initializing the hardware and loading the main operating system or firmware.

OneKey Mini
  • Press and hold the OneKey Mini screen lock button while inserting the data cable to connect to the computer to enter Bootloader mode.


OneKey Classic (& 1S)
  • Press and hold the power button and down button without releasing until the screen displays "power on..."
  • Release the power button, and you can enter the Bootloader mode.


OneKey Touch
  • Click "Settings" - "About Device" - "System Update" - "Restart" to enter the Bootloader mode.


OneKey Pro
  • Click "Settings" - "About Device" - "System Update" - "Restart" to enter the Bootloader mode.


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