How to quickly use SHA256 signature to verify OneKey installation package

1、Open the website:, check SHA256


2、Select the file you want to proofread, here is "OneKey-Wallet-4.11.0-win-x64.exe" as an example, we can see that the SHA256 of this file is: 186c14f0c91dfb9eb498f0288b34ba6af473d00d6872848ef7a2e954e9c918b8


3、Download the corresponding version of the SHA256 verification summary file from the official Github

Github link:


4、Use text software such as "Notepad" to open the file, and you can see that the official SHA256 information is: 186c14f0c91dfb9eb498f0288b34ba6af473d00d6872848ef7a2e954e9c918b8, which is exactly the same as the calculation result of the previous website. safe to use.

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