How to use OneKey Card with WeChat


This tutorial will guide you how to use OneKey Card on WeChat step by step. Before starting the tutorial, you need to do some preliminary preparations👇

  1. You need to have a OneKey Card with a 493193/414631 card segment.
  2. 493728 and 404038 do not support WeChat payment scenarios, and an error will be reported for binding.

If you don't know how to activate and use OneKey Card, you can read this article:

Safety Precautions

Read the following precautions carefully before starting the tutorial:

  1. Please make sure that the information entered matches the information provided by OneKey Card, including spaces in the name.
  2. Please try to bind during normal business hours (9:00-21:00). If you are abnormally prompted to bind in the middle of the night, please try again during the day.
  3. WeChat will charge USD 0.05 to verify the account when binding an overseas card (it will be refunded later), please make sure the balance on the card is greater than USD 0.05, otherwise the binding will fail.
  4. During the binding process, you may see a prompt like "The currently added non-mainland Chinese bank card is at risk of being stolen, and the addition cannot be completed for the time being". If you added it in the middle of the night, you can try to add it again during the day. If it still does not work, see this tutorial on releasing risk control:

Bind WeChat

  1. On the OneKey Card home page, enter the Google verification code and verify the  related information,like card number, expiration date, security code, billing address -.
  2. Open WeChat, click "Me" - "Service".
  3. Click on "Wallet".
  4. Click on "Bank Card.
  5. Click "Add Bank Card.
  6. Enter payment password.
  7. Enter OneKey card number.
  8. Enter OneKey Card expiration date, security code, name, billing information.
  9. Click Next to complete binding.

Instructions for use of WeChat Overseas Card

  1. After connecting WeChat Pay, you can make purchases on various platforms that support WeChat Pay, such as,, and Pinduoduo.
  2. If you see "This credit card cannot be used for the current transaction" when paying, it means the merchant does not support overseas card payment.
  3. If you encounter this kind of prompt during the use process, "The current non-mainland Chinese bank card is at risk of being stolen, and this transaction cannot be completed temporarily. It is recommended that you change to a mainland Chinese bank card or pay with change", you can refer to this tutorial to release the risk control:
  4. The reason for WeChat risk control is to prevent fraudulent transaction  non-cardholders stealing the card. When you release risk control, you can directly connect with WeChat customer service that you use a virtual card by yourself. Normallythe customer service will release the risk control for you. If the customer service does not handle it correctly, you can reapply for risk control release.
  5. International Credit Card Transaction Limits for WeChat Pay
    • Payment limit per transaction: 6000 RMB
    • Daily payment limit: 10000 RMB
    • Monthly payment limit: 50000 RMB
  6. WeChat Pay may set another payment limit based on your transaction history, so the actual limit may be lower than the above limit.


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