How to subscribe to Midjourney


Before you start the tutorial, you need to do some preliminary work👇

  1. Normal Discord Account
  2. Registered and activated OneKey Card account
  3. Hong Kong or US VPN node

If you don't know how to activate and use OneKey Card, you can read this article:

Safety Precautions

Read the following precautions carefully before starting the tutorial:

  1. Midjourney's payment gateway is Stripe, and Stripe has certain risk control measures. For example, if you use a Japanese IP, but the payment card is issued in Hong Kong, it may trigger the risk control and cause the payment to fail. So please try to use the VPN of the issuing location to pay.
    For example: Hong Kong issued cards will use Hong Kong IP for payment, and so on.
  2. Stripe uses CVV+AVS for bank card verification checks, so when filling in the bank card information, please make sure it matches the information provided by OneKey Card, otherwise the payment will fail.
  3. Before making the payment, please make sure that there is sufficient balance on the OneKey Card to avoid a withdrawal failure due to insufficient balance.
  4. If you repeatedly fail to pay in a particular browser environment, this may trigger Stripe's risk control detection, resulting in payment failure even if the bank card information is correct. You can copy the payment link and access it in the browser's incognito mode. It can also improve your payment success rate.

Tutorial Text

1、Go to the official Midjourney website, click "Sign In" to authorize your Discord account.

2、Click "Purchase Plan" in the image to enter the subscription interface.

3、Midjourney has a variety of payment options, and each payment plan corresponds to different rights and interests. This tutorial uses the "Basic Plan" of "Monthly Billing" as an example. You can choose according to your own needs in actual operation.

4、After clicking on the "Subscribe" button of the "Basic Plan", you will be taken to the payment interface where you will have to fill in your bank card information.

Please note! Considering the payment success rate, if you are using a card segment issued in Hong Kong, please use the Hong Kong IP to access the payment interface, if you are using a card segment issued in the United States, please use the US IP to access the payment interface, and so on.

5、Go to OneKey Card official website, click "Security Code", enter Google verification code, and you can see the card number information, validity period, security code, billing address and other related information.

Note: The tutorial uses the 493728 card segment as an example, but the 493193, 493728, 414631, and 404038 card segments can be used in the actual payment.

6、Return to the payment interface, enter your email address (for receiving billing information), OneKey Card number, expiration date, security code, and billing address to fill in correctly.

Among them, the billing address is required by the payer to fill in the area information. After querying the location of "Comml Center Flora Plaza", I learned that the area is the North District of the New Territories (North District). During the actual operation, press the OneKey card to display the address query and fill it in.

7、After confirming that the information is correct, click "Subscribe" and you can successfully subscribe after passing the human-machine verification!🎉

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