How the Pin works with App


The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a combination of numbers set during the initialization of the OneKey device.

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The Pin code is set when we activate the hardware wallet.

When we activate the hardware wallet, we need to set a Pin code, as shown in the following steps:


It is similar to the PIN of a bank card. Numbers 1-9, no 0. Note that if you only set 4 digits, you can select √ in the 5th digit.
Important: Please be sure to remember the PIN code you set. You need to enter the PIN code to unlock the hardware wallet. Entering the PIN code incorrectly 10 times will cause the hardware wallet to reset.


How the Pin works with App

When we connect the hardware wallet to desktop/mobile App, the hardware wallet will display the corresponding position of the nine numbers, which corresponds to the display on the App.

Assuming that the Pin code you set is 1258, find the corresponding number position according to the picture, and press 1258 in sequence.



The position of each number changes randomly each time. Therefore, just follow the positions corresponding to the numbers and press in the Pin codes you set up one by one.

Also take the previously set Pin code 1258 as an example, when the position of the number changes, we can unlock it by pressing in order according to the picture.




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