How to register and activate OneKey Card

Currently, users from Mainland China are not supported for KYC verification.

Registering OneKey Card 

  • Click the official website link: to get started.
  • Click "Sign in with Google" to register with your Google account.


Activating OneKey Card

After registering your account, follow the prompts to start your OneKey Card journey.

Step 1: Enable Google Auth
  • Click to bind the Google Authenticator as shown below.


  • Use the Google Authenticator app to scan the QR code and write down the backup key (this key allows you to recover your Google Authenticator if your phone is lost).


  • Enter the Google Authenticator code and the email verification code to complete the binding.
Step 2: Activate the account for KYC verification
  • Proceed to "Activate account to start".
  • Fill in the invitation code to activate: KS94BW (only for the public beta)


  • Proceed with the real-name authentication, and after adding the information, click "Next".
  • The review will be completed within 7 working days. 
  • Complete the facial recognition, and you will receive an email confirming the completion of the verification.
Step 3: Top up crypto

After your KYC has been successfully verified, procced to the stage of topping up crypto to the OneKey Card.

  • Select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit. (Currently only USDC and USDT are supported
  • Select the network you want to deposit. (Eg. Tron, Polygon, Avalanche C-Chain, etc.)
  • Read and check the caution notes to procced.
  • Copy the corresponding deposit address and transfer to that address.
Step 4: Swap to USD
Convert the deposited USDC/USDT to USD
  • The minimum amount for a single exchange should not be less than 20 USD.
Step 5: Add OneKey Card
  • Select your preferred card type (eg. Visa/Mastercard) based on your usage scenario.
  • Enter the amount that you would like to transfer into the OneKey Card.
  • Complete the activation process by clicking on "Add card".
Step 6: Check Card Information
  • Click "CVV".
  • Enter the authentication code from the Google authenticator.
  • Check the details of your OneKey Card.

OneKey Card Referral Program

For more information, please refer to: OneKey Card Referral Program

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