OneKey Card Referral Program

Invite Friends to get your bonus


If the invited user tops up, a corresponding percentage of the top-up fee will be rewarded to the inviter's account. The higher the level of the inviter, the higher the invitation commission reward.


Relationship Binding

Invitees can bind the invitation relationship by filling in the invitation code of the inviter or clicking the card opening link of the inviter.


Rebate Level

The invitee's recharge fee will be rewarded to the inviter's account according to the inviter's level.

Black Platinum Gold Silver
20% 15% 12% 10%


Claiming Rewards

The "Claim" action is located on the invitation page and has a minimum amount of 2 USD.



A has a "Black" level account and the rebate is calculated at 20% of the invitee's recharges fee.
B is invited by A. At this time, B is a new user and belongs to the "Silver" account, with a recharge fee of 2.1%.
If B recharges 10000 USDC, the exchange rate USDC:USD = 1:1

Reward to A = 10000 * 2.1% * 20% = 42 USD

Easy isn't it? Invite your friends to open a card now!


Public Test Event 🔥

Invite your friends to apply card and top up, get upgraded to receive more rebates!

View Details: Rates and Rewards for Different Account Levels 

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