Data Migration Tutorial

Go to the migration page to turn on the service
Turn on the service on your mobile or desktop first, and then your other client will be able to connect to it.

When you see the QR code, the service is turned on.

Method 1: Enter from the "Wallet Creation Process

1. Click on "Import Wallet"

2. Click on "Migrate from OneKey Application

Method 2: Enter from "Menu

1. Click on "Menu" from the sidebar

2. Click on "Migrate"

You can connect another client to the server by "Scan QR Code" or "Enter Connection".


Method 1: By scanning the QR code
Click the ellipsis in the upper right corner and then "Scan". Then scan the QR code displayed on the "server side".


Method 2: By entering the link
Enter the link displayed in the "Server" (located below the QR code, e.g., and then click "Connect".


Select the direction of data migration
Once the connection is established, the OneKey application will display the connected clients and the direction of the migration. You can switch the migration direction by clicking the middle button.


After clicking "Migrate", OneKey will ask you to authenticate to encrypt the data to be migrated and you will need to enter a password on the receiving side of the data to decrypt it for import.


Migrating data between plug-ins
You can use the desktop (or mobile) as an intermediary to develop the service and then migrate the data from one of the plug-ins to the desktop and then through the desktop to the other plug-in.


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