User data protection

OneKey has always had a strict policy regarding the handling of customer data. As a general rule, OneKey does not store any data about its users' devices, activities, or personal data.


OneKey Devices

We do not actively track the device, so the device and all its hardware are not connected to the user and are completely interchangeable.


OneKey Device Package Barcodes

OneKey devices have a barcode on the back of the package. This barcode is product specific and is usually only associated with the warehouse and customs.



OneKey App

  • We do not permanently record any user data.
  • For most data, the OneKey App is only stored locally.
  • Wallet addresses, XPUBs, etc. are only used in real time, i.e. they are transferred to the back end when your OneKey device is used.
  • If you choose to collect data anonymously, this will only be used for development purposes.


Orders and Privacy Policy

We intentionally delete order data, including names, addresses and phone numbers, on a regular basis for the purpose of protecting user privacy.

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