How to use recovery phrases

Secure your recovery phrases to ensure the long-term safety of your digital assets.

- Don't share your recovery phrases with anyone else
- Do not keep digital copies of your recovery phrases (including screenshots, photos, emails, Dropbox backups, etc.)
- You will never be officially asked to tell us your recovery phrases
- Never enter your recovery phrases anywhere unless your OneKey device prompts you to do so

What is a recovery phrases?

  • Your recovery phrases may also be called:seed, seed phrase, recovery phrase, BIP-39 phrase (or various combinations of these words)
  • It is an ordered list of words containing all the information needed to recover the wallet (i.e. access to the bitcoin or other cryptocurrency funds on the chain)
  • Recovering phrases provides full access to the wallet in question (the private key is derived from the seed math) - that's why you have to secure it
Recovery phrases, as a friendly method of wallet backup, were introduced as part of Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39 (commonly referred to as "BIP-39").
Your recovery phrases is a random number in "plain English", and all your keys and addresses are derived from math.
  • Your recovery phrases is an ordered sequence of 12, 18 or 24 words chosen from this list of 2048 words
  • When you back up your seeds, the words must be copied down in the order they appear
  • It's important to ensure the privacy and security of the recovery phrases so that your cryptocurrency is never at risk
  • Having a secure backup of your recovery phrases means you can recover your bitcoins in the event of hardware failure or device loss

- Your OneKey derives your private key from your recovery phrases, which can then be used to spend your bitcoins.

- We will never ask you to provide a recovery phrases!

- Scammers may pose as members of the OneKey support team on social media and chat forums, trying to convince you to share your
seeds) with the intent of stealing your security information (recovery aids, PINs, passwords, etc.)

Record and store your recovery phrases

The physical security of the Recovery phrases is even more important than the physical security of the device.
Your OneKey hardware wallet comes with multiple Recovery phrases cards, which you should use to write down Recovery phrases words when backing up your device - a highly recommended step when setting up your OneKey.

If your OneKey is lost or stolen, it is highly unlikely that someone without your PIN will be able to access it. However, if someone steals your recovery phrases, they can easily access your tokens using a different device or wallet.
When backing up your device, you should

  • Make sure all words are spelled and in the correct order
  • Never make a digital copy of a recovery phrases card (this includes backing up via Dropbox, email, encrypted folders, or taking pictures)
  • Protect your recovery phrases aid cards from theft and damage
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