PIN protection for OneKey

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a combination of numbers set during the initialization of the OneKey device.


Password protection means that your OneKey is secure from unauthorized access, just like your bank card's PIN, which should be known only to you.


Choose a good PIN

PIN codes are a powerful tool for securing your cryptocurrency.


It is a barrier that protects your account from unauthorized physical access to your device.We strongly recommend that all OneKey users enable PIN protectionand choose a unique and memorable number.

Do not use a simple or predictable PIN(such as "1234" or your birthday) or any series of repeated or consecutive numbers.


Some suggestions for choosing a secure PIN.

  • Do not use duplicate numbersas this will only increase the length of the PIN, not the complexity of the PIN
  • Don't use sequences, as they are easy to guess and are usually the first combination to be tested
  • Use as many digits as possibleto increase complexity - we recommend usinga PIN of at least 6 digits


Setting a PIN for your OneKey device

During the initialization of any of your OneKey devices (e.g. Mini, Classic, Touch), you will be asked to set a PIN to protect your device, and we recommend setting a device good PIN during device initialization to immediately protect your device.


What if I forget the PIN?

Your PIN is independent of the recovery mnemonic. This means you can use the OneKey recovery process to set a new PIN in case you forget it.

First, make sure you have the helper words.

You will then need to erase your device, which can be done by following these guidelines

How to restore your hardware wallet to factory (reset)

Next, use your recovery booster to restore the wallet and set a new PIN in the process:.

Mini Hardware Wallet Activation Tutorial

Classic Hardware Wallet Activation Tutorial

Touch Activation Tutorial


Lost your OneKey? Don't panic!

* Even if someone gains physical access to your OneKey, you'll have plenty of time to move the funds to a safe place.
* Brute-force PIN cracking is very difficult because the OneKey automatically destroys all data and resets the device after 10 consecutive incorrect PIN entries.
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