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Securing Web3 Companies

Choice of Institutions - What Makes OneKey Earn the Trust of Top Pro Institutions

  • Open-source Commitment: We maintain transparency by hosting our software and firmware code on Github, allowing open verification.
  • Advanced Secruity Measures: Unlike other rivals, OneKey leverages a Secure Element with EAL 6+ certification for crypto asset protection, steering clear of the microprocessor storage vulnerabilities. The EAL 6+ certification signifies that the chip has undergone rigorous evaluation and testing, meeting the highest industry standards for security assurance.
  • Protected Key Management (Cold Keys): OneKey ensures your private key remains offline, safeguarded within a separate security chip. This architecture guarantees that every transaction is securely authorized by you, immune to internet exposure and malicious attacks.

Cross-Platform Compatibility


Hardware Wallet - Manage assets with certified EAL 6+ hardware wallets


Secure & Manage - 10,000+ Coins & Tokens

With OneKey, you can secure and manage over 10,000 coins and tokens across more than ten blockchains and all EVM networks.

Our clients


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Co-Branded Partnership

Our Offers

  • Standard  >  Custom packaging | Minimum 150 units


  • Pro Team  >  Logo engraving | Custom full packaging | Minimum 300 units

Promote and personalize your latest OneKey device. Services range from engraving the hardware wallet to customizations of packaging, cards and sleeves.



  • Dropshipping  >  Logo engraving | Custom full packaging | Deliver to end-users | Minimum 1000 units

We'll design the product together, and OneKey will take care of the rest of the process - this includes delivery logistics.


OneKey Partners

  • Affiliate

Attractive commissions in crypto | Direct relation with OneKey | Early access to OneKey news

Are you a Tiktoker, Youtuber, Mirrorer, or an influencer in the crypto world? Become a OneKey affiliate and be rewarded for promoting our products. Become a OneKey Affiliate

  • Reseller

Get the best price | Customer success specialist support | Assist in providing material and promotional designs

Do you want to sell OneKey's products on your website or store? Join the OneKey Reseller Program and get access to the best hardware wallets in Web3.

Contact our customer success team to learn more details about our affiliate program.


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