About Touch ID security in Desktop for Mac

OneKey Desktop can be unlocked with your fingerprint when you turn on Touch ID on your Mac, making it easier to use OneKey Desktop in more places.Use Touch ID to unlock desktop on your Mac


Your fingerprint is not stored in OneKey Desktop

OneKey Desktop never scans or stores your fingerprint. Touch ID is provided by iOS, which only tells Desktop if your fingerprint was recognized or not. Learn more about Touch ID advanced security technology


Your Desktop still protects your data

Using Touch ID in Desktop does not replace your account password, and you can turn off Touch ID at any time to ensure that you use your account password to access Desktop.

[Menu] > [Touch ID] > Off.



You can also set the applicable range of fingerprint recognition in [Touch ID].



Hardware accounts still need to be connected to the hardware wallet in order to interact with it

The hardware address used in Desktop is generated by the hardware wallet. The hardware wallet's recovery phrase is stored in the secure chip, which cannot be cracked. Hardware wallet uses the public key for interaction, which is done by connecting to the hardware wallet and physically confirming it. Enabling Touch ID does not affect the security of the recovery phase in hardware wallet.


Protect yourself when using Touch ID

The advantages of using Touch ID far outweigh the risks. Follow these tips to stay safe with Touch ID:

● Remember your Desktop password. If you use Touch ID frequently, it may be easier to forget your account password because you’re not regularly typing it.

● Don’t share your device passcode. If you turn on Touch ID in Desktop on your Mac, it’s important that you guard your device passcode closely. Anyone who knows it can enroll a new fingerprint, and all enrolled fingerprints on the device can be used to unlock Desktop.

● If you're concerned about someone trying to use your fingerprint while you're sleeping, unconscious, or otherwise without your consent, turn off Password-Free Payments and View Recovery phrase/Private Key in Touch ID to keep your hot wallet assets safe.



● Do not jailbreak your device. In theory, someone with physical access to your device can access Desktop, but this requires unlocking the device, jailbreaking the device (so that something other than Desktop can read the account password), and cracking the account password. If you jailbreak your device, there is a risk that your account password may be stolen.





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